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Story contributed by: Tom Larranaga
Affiliation with GMU: none
Contributed on: 9 May 2006

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What single moment stands out to you the most from the 2005-06 season?
being at the patriot center for the pep rally

Tell about your experiences during the Kryptonite Kids' magical run through the tournament:
me being jimmys nephew this was the greatest experience for me ever im only 13 and im inlove with basketball, im a huge gmu fan, before and after the final four run, i was in washington dc and was suposed 2 go 2 indy but got really sick, it stinks it had 2 end like that, but cudos to florida, even though i hate them... all i have to say is next year is another year and LETS GO MASON

What do you think this moment means for George Mason University?
this will definately help our recruiting class this year we already have 2 great players with 1 jc all american in Andre Smith, i think we can come back and do it again lets go MASON

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