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Story contributed by: Mike
Affiliation with GMU: fan
Contributed on: 18 April 2006

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What single moment stands out to you the most from the 2005-06 season?
When UConn's last shot at the buzzer slipped over the hoop and fell harmlessly toward the ground clinching GMU's victory, it was the single most sunning thing I have seen in any sport ever.

Tell about your experiences during the Kryptonite Kids' magical run through the tournament:
I'm a Delaware alum, so naturally I was rooting for a CAA brother, but I'm a Northern Virginia native who has/had lots of friends go to GMU, so the tournament run was even more thrilling. My best friend mailed me a bright yellow GMU Final Four shirt in time to wear for the Florida game and wear it to work that day.

What do you think this moment means for George Mason University?
No sportscaster anywhere will ever again ask, "George Mason? Never heard of them."

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