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Story contributed by: Ingrid Marisol
Affiliation with GMU: student
Contributed on: 14 April 2006

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What single moment stands out to you the most from the 2005-06 season?
When we beat Michigan.

Tell about your experiences during the Kryptonite Kids' magical run through the tournament:
I watched the first game on TV and went crazy when we won. Nobody thought we really had a chance, but once we won that game I knew we were going someplace. I remember running around campus and everyone was just screaming and going crazy. After that the school spirit was on a high until the end of the tournament, but even now the effects still last. I camped out for tickets, and was so excited at all the people who were willing to do so much just to go to a basketball game. Being there in person was amazing, and when the crowd yelled "We Believe" I got chills. By the time we got to Indy, I was imagining winning the whole thing. I had met so many people, had so much fun, aquired many yellow t-shirts. I skipped classes, spent money, and missed work but it couln't have been more worth it. When we lost, I cried. When I saw the Championship game, I cried again. Because as I watched the other players cockily walk around, the other fans quickly leave, I realized we really had deserved it more. Our players were the most down to earth guys the entire season, and our fans were so dedicated. And Coach L, he was so fun. His speech was inspiring and it sparked something that I will never forget. I even made "Kryptonite" my ringtone. I don't regret a moment or a dollar I spent, even though we lost at the Final Four. I am just so happy that I got to be a part of something so fun, so exciting and so deserved for our school.

What do you think this moment means for George Mason University?
A lot. I mean, we all know we are here to learn, at that academics are important. But George Mason has been overlooked not only in sports but other departments, and I feel that this will give us the attention we need so people realize we are all as great as our basketball team in every way! It's also made it more fun to see more green and gold, more familiar faces and more pride.

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