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Story contributed by: Damien Sordelett
Affiliation with GMU: student
Contributed on: 30 March 2006

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What single moment stands out to you the most from the 2005-06 season?
Lamar Butler grabbing the rebound to end OT and the game versus UConn. At that moment, I did not move. I could not comprehend what the Mason team had just achieved.

Tell about your experiences during the Kryptonite Kids' magical run through the tournament:
While watching the games, I could not believe the heart and determination that the players put on display during their come-from-behind victories versus UNC and UConn. Being able to defeat two top notch schools by outplaying, outthinking, and outhustling truly shows how great this year's team is. To witness this first hand and be a part of the Mason community can be summed up in one word: Priceless.

What do you think this moment means for George Mason University?
For the University, the campus is alive. Now in my sophomore year, I have never experienced anything like this, ever. It is truly amazing.

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Damien Sordelett, Object #16, George Mason University Digital Memory Bank, 30 March 2006, <>

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