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Story contributed by: Jeff Gorrell
Affiliation with GMU: faculty/staff
Contributed on: 7 April 2006

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What single moment stands out to you the most from the 2005-06 season?
The graciousness and true enjoyment that Coach larranaga and the players showed through all of the public and media attention.

Tell about your experiences during the Kryptonite Kids' magical run through the tournament:
At a state-wide conference this week (four days after the tournament was over), colleagues from clleges and universities around the state shared their own excitement about Mason's Final Four run, telling stories about how students on campuses like Jame Madison students painted "Go Mason" on their cars, wore Mason t-shirts, and celebrated Mason's victories. The talk on the campuses across the state apparently was positive and strong in support of Mason as a representative of high quality programs that don't usually get the attention for their qualities. While it definitely was fun to be on Mason's campus during the excitement that surrounded the basketball tourney, there seems to have been excitement all ovefr the place as well.

What do you think this moment means for George Mason University?
I believe that this will place Mason in people's minds rather firmly and will enable Mason to build upon it to give more attention to its academic and research successes.

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