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My mother's never been to one
college basketball game in her
entire life. Her first and
only experience now is having
floor seats at the 2006 Final
Four in Indianapolis to watch
GMU play. Oh, and she got on
television to boot! [more]

Watched on TV. Was very proud
of the way the team and coach
handled themselves both on and
off the court. They made their
families, friends, school, and
state very proud.
Congratulations to all of you! [more]

It's been amazing -- I've been
a graduate student for 3 1/2
years at Mason and this is the
first time that I've really
felt like school spirit is
alive and well here. The
change on campus is immense --
you can really feel it just by
walking around... [more]

So it was a magical friday.
St. Patricks day, I went out
to eat and the game was on the
screen. I watched as Michigan
was beating us. I left the
restaurant and head back home.
Once I got there the game had
ended. Without caring I
checked the scores... [more]

As an alumnus of GMU and
current staff member, it was
AWESOME to see the campus
transform during the Final
Four run. My favorite
experience was right before
the Wichita State game, when
the Shocker mascot came out
and our fans started calling
out... [more]

After the shock of losing to
GMU -- I'm a Tarheel -- I
decided to support GMU all the
way. This team made us all
remember what 'heart' is
about! [more]

I enjoyed the march madness on
campus. The tv reporters
interviewing students and
staff. This event has brought
out school pride that has been
lacking for so long. [more]

I have worked at GMU for 11
years and my son is a freshman
at GMU and lives on campus.
These events have unified our
university giving it pride and
reassurance we are great.
God bless all of the coaches,
players and staff who made
this so... [more]

I went to the sweet 16 and
elite 8 games in the student
section after camping out for
22 hours. I don't think i've
had more fun in my entire life
then I did that week. My most
memorable time was when we
made the shot against UCONN to
go up by 5... [more]