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I was in California on spring
break when the team entered
the tournament and through a
lot of channel surfing was
able to watch them play. Once
I came though, I heard of the
sweet sixteen location and I
rushed to find tickets so I
had a secure seat... [more]

This was the first time I have
kept up with college
basketball in years. It was
definitely exciting having
your own school in the race
for a national championship. [more]

Words fail me in my attempt to
describe how much your team
brought to March Madness.
The Patriots electrified the
tournament, and in the
process, became the darlings
of college basketball fans
everywhere. Congratulations
on a stunning... [more]

I have been teaching at Mason
since 1990. During the time I
have been here, our academic
programs have steadily
improved. So has the pride and
confidence of our students, as
they go out into the world and
realize their knowledge and
skills are on a... [more]

I've never followed the NCAA
tournament prior to this year,
but after watching Mason play
every game, I can definitely
say I have new-found
appreciation for basketball.
They played with such much
heart that I found myself
genuinely rooting for a... [more]

My two buddies and I waited
twenty two hours to get
tickets to the sweet sixteen.
I took a day off of work to
get the tickets and it was
worth it. In the UCONN game it
felt like the whole stadium
was silent when UCONN shot its
last two baskets. The... [more]

Watching the NCAAs is
something I look forward to
every year. I've attended some
of the early round games at
the MCI-now-Verizon Center and
wished that I could have seen
Mason play this year with my
brother who had tickets to the
Sweet 16 and Elite... [more]

Since I graduated last
semester I had less free time
to go watch the games, but the
games I did attend were
amazing. Mason basketball has
improved so much from when I
first came to
Mason. Watching the tourney
games on campus in the JC
created... [more]

What a great ride, What a
great team, What a great
school! We all love Mason.
During the second game between
UCLA and Florida the players
finally came out of the locker
room to talk to some fans.
Instantly every Mason fan
stood up and started... [more]