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At a state-wide conference
this week (four days after the
tournament was over),
colleagues from clleges and
universities around the state
shared their own excitement
about Mason's Final Four run,
telling stories about how
students on campuses like... [more]

Living in Connecticut, it was
pretty difficult to catch any
Mason game this year! I
watched/listened to most of
the mens season this year over
the internet. When Coach
Larranaga sat Tony for the
rest of the Hofstra game in
the CAA tourney, I... [more]

The run we had was magical.
I've never seen such pride in
The Park or acround the
school. People were actuall
excited about something. I
can't wait for next year. [more]

My husband and I met at GMU in
1990 and I graduated in 1995.
Our 2nd son is named Mason
after GMU of course! My two
boys (Ryan & Mason) were so
excited and watched all the
games with me in their Mason
t-shirts of course. It was
great to share in... [more]

The team was
impressive to start with. The
rapport of the players among
themselves and with the coach.
The joy they had in playing.
I yelled, clapped and screamed
with each play. It was the
most fun watching basketball I
had ever had... [more]

Most importantly the run
increased the visibility of
our university and as a result
people that never took the
time to chat about happenings
at george mason university
stopped each other in the
street,or in the mall or
walking across campus, or... [more]

tv bracket
release.....standing biting my
nails. Mich. st. game....
standing biting my nails.
North Carolina....standing
biting my nails. Witchata
State....standing biting my
nails. Uconn.....standing
biting my nails.
Florida....standing in
great... [more]

I haven't followed an NCAA
tournament since my college
days in the 80's. I really
enjoyed hearing the coaches
and athletes display such love
and excitement for the game
and the university. I was
glued to the TV each night and
continued reading... [more]

Some of the most fun I've ever
had in my life was when all
the GMU student buses arrived
in downtown Indianapolis
before the Final Four game
against Florida. It was a
Mason invasion as hundreds of
Green and Gold clad fans
walked through downtown... [more]