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Riding my bike while screaming
at the TV watching The
Beginning of the Ascension:
Mason defeating Michigan State
University 75 - 65. [more]

I was watching the mich State
game at Glory Days with a
fellow Alum and my wonderful
nine year old daughter,we
couldn't believe we won
without Tony. The place went
into a chant of GMU!!! My
family watched the UNC game on
TV sceaming and yelling.... [more]

I was so proud of Jim
Larranaga for suspending Tony
Skinn for the
below-the-waistline punch he
gave to a Hofstra player, and
Larranaga's ethical decision
perhaps set everything good in
motion. College coaches from
all over the country were in
awe of... [more]

The most amazing experiences
were after the wins over UNC
and UCONN. I was a Brion's
Grille for the UNC game.
Total disbelief and total
celebration when the buzzer
sounded! After the UCONN
game, I got a call from a
friend: Patriot Center was... [more]

We went to the Final 4 to root
on our team! Who would have
believed that was possible.
Yelled myself hoarse and
played at being a college kid
(well an old one). We sat
there with some LSU fans
watching the second game and
they wished their team... [more]

GMU has always been a very
important part of my life. My
husband and I met at Mason 17
years ago. We watched the
Patriots and cheered them on
all the home games during our
college years. Every year we
always keep an eye for Mason's
team to make... [more]

I remember walking down the
streets of Indy and all the
fans from LSU was rooting for
us to beat Florida. All the
local fans were rooting for us
too. Everytime I walked by
someone they would wish me and
Mason luck. It felt good,
being the little... [more]

I've been paying attention to
Mason team on the news and
seen some of their games every
now and then. I wanted to see
Mason play the regional finals
at the Verizon Center but I
couldn't get tickets. But as
soon as Mason won, I couldn't
pass up a... [more]

The most interesting thing was
a trip to Chicago the day of
the Final Four. This was an
educators convention of 13,000
in a VERY big convention hall.
I wore my shirt & GO Mason
buttons and was stopped every
few feet to hear people say
how great it... [more]