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I went to Indy and I was
AMAZED by all the people who
were there for Mason and all
the emails I received through
facebook from other schools
saying they were rooting for
us.. I can only imagine how
many emails the team
got.. Another favorite
part... [more]

I was at the final Watch Party
in the JC. The emcee had
everyone hyped during the
pregame. He let me come on
stage to make an announcement
about an upcoming tournament.
He introduced me as a member
of the Chess club and people
actually cheered,... [more]

I will never forget the
hospitality and kindness which
welcomed us in Indianapolis.
From our post-ticket pickup
breakfast [after driving some
ten hours overnight] at
Panera, where our cashier
started jumping up and down
when she saw the Mason logo... [more]

Honestly, I think I was the
only guy who believed in our
team from the beginning.
While my roommates and friends
doubted the Patriots and even
cheering for the other team, I
knew that we had a special
line up. We also had a great
season so I was... [more]

On a whim I took a March
Friday off, hopped on a bus
full of students and alumni,
and trekked nine hours to
Dayton, OH. Little did I know
that the trip would be the
start of something even
larger. The friends that I
made along the way made the... [more]

I'm Jordan Carter's mom and
after they won the UCONN game
my family and I (along with
hundreds of others) were
waiting for the Metro to go
back to the hotel. As you can
imagine it was extremely
crowded. I was holding a
picture of Jordan on a
stick... [more]

This was without a doubt the
best NCAA tournament I have
seen in my 25 years. [more]

I am doing a study abroad
program for the semester in
LONDON with other girls from
Mason. We watched every single
game at a local bar called "
Sports Cafe". It was crazy
because we were the only
people from Mason in there.
There were many students... [more]

I am a recent GMU PhD graduate
living in Brazil, and became
very impressed with how the
Kryptonite Kid's magical run
had a far-reaching
impact. Last Thursday the
USAF's Under-Secretary for
International Affairs came
here to visit the Brazilian
Air... [more]