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My wife and I (both alumni)
were in Orlando for Spring
Training when the tournament
started. We didn't get to see
the selection show, but we
were excited to see that Mason
did make it to the Big Dance.
We were forced to watch the
first game in a... [more]


I'm a Delaware alum, so
naturally I was rooting for a
CAA brother, but I'm a
Northern Virginia native who
has/had lots of friends go to
GMU, so the tournament run was
even more thrilling. My best
friend mailed me a bright
yellow GMU Final Four shirt... [more]

I graduated in 2000. I've
seen the complete development
of the program from bottom
feeder to the present. I
haven't suffered like many of
the older alums, but knowing
and seeing where we came from
makes this so much sweeter...
The most... [more]

I remember watchin our
Patriots play all season.
Going to games and watching us
defeat opponent after
opponent. I started to think,
man, these guys are really
good. I never expected an
at-large bid in the
tournament, but definitely
thought we... [more]

I went to all the home games
before the basketball team got
big, when they were just
another team in the CAA. I
cheered at all their games and
recognized all the players off
the court. When we made it
big, i just thought that they
finally deserved... [more]

I took a call from a friend a
few days after we beat
Witchita State in The Bracket
Buster Game where he offered
me tickets to the Verizon
center NCAA games. I told him
I would love to go but I was
going to travel to see Mason
if they made it that... [more]

I watched the first game on TV
and went crazy when we won.
Nobody thought we really had a
chance, but once we won that
game I knew we were going
someplace. I remember running
around campus and everyone was
just screaming and going
crazy. After... [more]

When GMU beat UNC it was
crazy. I do not even go to GMU
but i will be going there from
this fall 2006. I love the
school and now that mason did
so well gave me more of an
incentive to transfer. GO
MASON!!! :) [more]