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I don't like basketball.
Period. But after reluctantly
going to the game at the
Patriot Center against UNCW
gave me an adrenaline rush
that kept me coming back for
all the home games since. When
we got in to the NCAA
tournament, people started... [more]

It was awesome..i loved
watching every game!!..hope
they can pull something out
agian next year [more]

I was on a plane going to
Hawaii and the pilot announced
that George Mason had beat
UCONN. Jordan Carter is a
member of my church so I
jumped and down with
excitement. There was another
passenger on the plane who was
a GMU alumni who was also... [more]

Having floor seats at the
Verizon Center for the
GMU-UConn game- was pure
heaven! It was amazing to
look up- way up into the
stands- and see the sea of
green and gold and to hear the
true heartfelt school
spirit. Many of my friends
and co-workers... [more]

I started following the Mason
Basketball program in the
early part of the season and I
watched some games on Comcast.
I was never a fan till the
start of the season and I
thought that Mason had a shot
at the NCAA's but no shot to
win. When the team... [more]

I was told on Thursday at
2:00PM that I had a ticket
waiting for me if I could make
it down. Flights were $700 so
I drove from my home in
Rochester, NY to Reston to
meet up with my fraternity
brothers. From there we went
to the Wichita State game... [more]

As the manager of the
bookstore at George Mason I
have a rather unique
perspective. On the day of the
game against UCONN I was
flying to Dallas for Barnes &
Noble's annual trade show
along with my merchandise
manager, Karen. The timing
couldn't be... [more]

i [more]

I am an Alumni of the MPA
program in '03. I currently
live in the country of Lebanon
working for an NGO. My wife is
also an alum of GMU with a
master's of Education. At the
time our baby was 9 months old
and was not sleeping through
the night. I was... [more]