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Well, let me just tell you
about the UConn game. I didn't
think I'd be able to watch
that game because I run
birthday parties as my job and
I thought I had a birthday
party during the game. Turns
out, I had the wrong game immediately I ran... [more]

I've been tutoring the men's
basketball team for about
three semesters now. As
someone who is part of their
weekly schedule, I know what
all other GMU athletes
know--and that is that the GMU
Men's Basketball team has a
daily schedule that a West... [more]

I'm a faculty member at GMU
and for the past several years
I've been watching the team
with increasing interest as
they're play has improved.
This year I attended my first
game (the win over ODU) and
came away with the feeling
that this was a very... [more]

I remember working as a
cashier in the sporting goods
store where I'm employed right
now during the George Mason
vs. North Carolina game. The
game was being played behind
me in the team sports section
of the store. I was busy
ringing up the... [more]

Im a very dedicated fan, ive
been to every single home
game. I love going and watch
those boys play, because they
really are amazing. I think
having everyone on campus
after we cone against UCONN
was sooo amazing. All the
people standing on the... [more]

I thought to myself: Mason is
probably going to sell out
almost every home game next
year. [more]

On Sunday, March 26, I was
watching my daughter's soccer
game in Takoma Park, Maryland.
There is always a lot of
activity on the sidelines with
players, coaches, parents,
siblings, and dogs running
around, watching the game,
etc. Near the end of the... [more]

I would have to say that the
thing that stood out the most
to me this season was
definitely the game against
Connecticut. I was thrilled
we won and even more thrilled
to see all the excitement at
school that Monday. [more]

My tourneyment experiences as
of yet include watching the
games at my friends townhouse
and driving to campus when we
beat the University of
Conneticut in the Elite Eight
to join the jubilation on
campus. [more]