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well, i normally work monday
through friday. on the
weekends i try to get some
reading done for class and
take in as many games as i
can. last weekend i had a
wedding to go to on friday
night, and couldn't watch the
games. i got 'nova updates... [more]

I have always wanted to go to
basketball's premier event,
and now GMU's basketball team
has made that possible. With
ticket in hand, I board the
bus to Indianapolis this
afternoon. Please keep an eye
on this website for trip
highlights, pictures,... [more]

I must be honest that I was
surprised when the NCAA
selection committee gave us an
at-large bid after the 2
losses to a Hofstra team which
we struggled with this season
and ended up not receiving a
bid. From the first round when
the team powered... [more]

I live in Los Angeles so I
couldn't watch any of the
games this season. I knew this
team was different when I
received an email from the
alumni association saying
Mason had cracked the top 25
for the first time in school
history. I was relieved
when... [more]

reporter came in after the
Uconn win and was interviewing
people. I talked to her at
length, and she published my
interview. She was with
Scripps Howard news service,
they are a news wire service
that writes stories for... [more]

I was fortunate enough to go
to both games in Verizon
Center, one with my wife Jane
and the other with my son
Joel. The first game was
amazing enough, but it was the
second that took my breath
away. Mason played like a team
possessed. They just... [more]

While watching the games, I
could not believe the heart
and determination that the
players put on display during
their come-from-behind
victories versus UNC and
UConn. Being able to defeat
two top notch schools by
outplaying, outthinking,
and... [more]

Wow! What a run it's been. And
it ain't over yet! I watched
the UConn game from the third
floor of the JC. Not only
could I see the screen well
but I could also see the
reaction of all the Patriots
watching the game with me. It
was... [more]

I am not an avid sports fan,
but I could not resist
watching our Patriots in the
Sweet Sixteen game on
television. Seeing my
enthusiasm, my 4 year old
daughter, Angelina, decided
she would watch the big game,
too. It was her very first
basketball... [more]