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Noticing the responsible way
the team, students and
celbrated and appreciated the
magical ride. No rioting or
other unruly behavior. GMU
stands for: looking forward to
another George Mason Upset! [more]

When they got the at-large, I
told my husband that I thought
they were going to win at
least 2 games, probably more.
My husband - who thinks he
knows EVERYTHING about sports
- kept saying "they're gonna
get killed in their first
game". Then they... [more]

I was talking to a customer
service representative with my
mortgage company in Kansas
City. As we were talking, it
came up that I work at George
Mason University. He was so
excited that he had met a
Mason person. He never heard
about Mason until... [more]

Being both an alumna and an
employee, I get a thrill
watching GMU receive national
attention. The city of Fairfax
has suddenly become filled
with thousands of close and
personal friends. Just wear a
Mason T-Shirt and you've got
something in common... [more]

It's been amazing, and that's
an understatement. Being an
employee and alumni of GMU, I
could not be happier for our
community and especially for
Coach L and the team. Being
at the Verizon Center is at
the top of my list - just to
be a part of... [more]

I really don't like to watch
sports, but I've really
enjoyed watching our team make
their way through the
tournament. They've made a
fan out of me. [more]

What struck me was seeing how
the entire community embraced
the team. When strangers at
the grocery store or the gym
noticed my Mason T-shirt, they
came over (with a big smile)
to congratulate me and wish
the team well. Given all the
sadness in... [more]

The miracle that was even our
selection into the tournament
began what many are calling
the most unlikely and
inspirational story in college
basketball in recent memory.
The media coverage Mason is
receiving is unlike anything
before. To hear... [more]

I was involved in a car
accident at the end of
February and missed several
classes at GMU. In addition,
much work has been missed and
the time had been quite
discouraging. The Mason
Basketball team has inspired
me. In the midst of the odds,
it... [more]