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After the first NCAA
tournament win I have noticed
a strong unity amongst the
George Mason community. These
past few weeks have been a
blast! Games, pep rallies,
decorated buildings and gold
and green students have our
school's spirit sour! [more]

I've been to forums all across
the internet, and have seen
millions of people recognize
Mason. Fairfax City is going
absolutley crazy for Mason.
"Go Green! Go Gold! Fight
Fight Fight!" [more]

I used to represent George
Mason's Undergrad Admissions,
and I have had numerous
colleagues from other schools
call to congratulate me on
Mason Madness...and that they
will be rooting for us!!! :-) [more]

My son had basketball practice
at the same time Mason was
playing Wichita State. I was
not going to miss this, so I
called his coach and said, "I
have to watch Mason game so my
son is not coming to
practice." On Sunday we had
company from Maryland... [more]

I am a “non-traditional”
(translation: adult, older
than dirt) student. GMU’s
campus is diverse not only in
terms of ethnicity, but age as
well, I’m always made to feel
welcome as a part of the
community here. It was so
much fun last Sunday to be... [more]

My friends immediately
compliment on how "great" GMU
has done, thus far. They even
believe GMU could win it
all!!! I believe this to be
true and hope it becomes
reality...... [more]

Beating Mich State and UNC
back to back was simply
incredible. "Just one more
win," I thought to make the
Elite Eight and I would have
been satisfied; then doing the
unthinkable and reaching the
Final Four was unimaginable.
Beating some of the... [more]

I'm just so proud of our
school! I never get excited
about basketball, but now I'm
a fan! [more]

I threatened to run up and
down the aisles of Red Lobster
myself, but one of my sorority
sisters told another sister
"Do not let her out of the
booth" as a third sister said
in jocularity "Don't worry
I'll trip her if she gets
out". [more]