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I've never been a big sports
fan. One of the things I
considered when picking a
school for my undergraduate
degree was whether athletics
played a disproportionate role
in campus life. Mason was the
right choice for me in-part
because this was not... [more]

The excitement on campus and
around the city has been
awesome! It's been fun seeing
everyone wearing Mason
t-shirts and feeling a sense
of school spirit. We had a
couple people run to
"Modells" to purchase the
Krptanite t'shirts on Friday.
When... [more]

I watched the GMU vs. Florida
game in a bar called Legends
at the Penn Stater Conference
Center at Penn State. My
husband was there for a
reunion and I ran back and
forth from the bar to the
party. Everywhere I went that
weekend, people saw my "I... [more]

During this entire season, as
well as the Mason's fantastic
tourney run, I enjoyed every
game I was lucky to attend and
followed breathlessly on t.v.
for those games I couldn't.
There was nothing more special
to me as a Mason alum than to
have my... [more]

I was a freshman at UNC when
they won the national
championship. It was pretty
exciting, but I think GMU's
run in the tournament was even
more meaningful. [more]

I have a son 10 years old.
When I was 10 years old
growing up in Olean NY, St
Bonaventure made a historic
"unknown" run to the Final
Four. I remember the
excitement it brought to a
small town and having gone to
GMU games this year, as I did
St.... [more]

What a ride! The rally at the
student center after advancing
to the final four was just
fantastic (see the videos I
made on google... [more]

I am a GMU student and
reservist deployed to Kuwait
with the US Air Force. I was
had just finished work at 4am
and was getting breakfast at
the dining hall on base. I
couldn't believe my eyes when
I saw GMU playing MSU on tv. I
stayed and excitedly... [more]

I used to intern with Sport
Info at Mason, and lived
through the Paul Westhead
years when team routinely
scored 100 points a night on
Mason. I remember the feeling
I used to have when people
would tell me they went to
and... [more]