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I graduated from GMU in 1983
Basketball when games were
held in the P.E. building. In
fact, first game that I
attended was GMU's 65-64 loss
to Maryland in the first game
at the brand new Patriot
Center while I was in Law
School at William & Mary.... [more]

I missed only 2-3 games all
season, even watched the
Bracket Buster, and selection.
We were so excited. My
friends and I ended up getting
tickets to EVERY post-season
game. It was truly a
bittersweet moment seeing
Mason lose to the National... [more]

My brother, Jimmy and I both
gradated from Mason and we
went to the Wichita State game
at MCI. The three pointers at
the beginning were just out of
hand. Then, TK, pulled off the
ultimate hook up by scoring
some Final Four Tickets. We
met in... [more]

amazing is the only thing i
hafta say about it [more]

man i always be on that
kryptonite [more]

It was probably the funnest
couple weeks of my life. It
was kindof an undescribable
experience. Camping out in the
field house for tickets to the
sweet 16 and elite 8. The
experience at the games were
priceless and will last a life
time. [more]

I was lucky enough to attend
both days in DC and while
Friday was great - the
regional final was the
GREATEST sporting event I have
ever seen in person - the
crowd was electric - the noise
was deafening, Mason showed
more heart than I thought... [more]

I was not able to travel with
the team like I would have
like to but I was definitely
there the entire time in
spirit. I consider myself
their number one fan, and I
support them 100%. Even when
our guys were no longer in the
tournament, I continued... [more]

I have never been as excited
for one team in my entire
life. It really helped install
Mason pride in me, and the
entire campus. I am so proud
of the entire team, and what
they have done for the future
of GMU. I remember at Freshman
orientation we... [more]