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Fans at the Parade

The rain stopped just enough
for the end of the parade at
Mason Pond Drive. Students,
faculty, staff and fans all
showed up to support their
Patriots. [more]

President Merten in the Parade

President Merten riding in the
celebration parade on April 7,
2006. The parade and rally
were held to celebrate the
Mason Patriots phenomenal
basketball season. [more]

Texas Patriots

Fans as far away as Texas were
cheering for Mason. [more]

Pre-Gaming at the Bar

This was right before
Saturday's game--I can't even
explain what a great feeling
it was. With the exception of
the friend I came with, I had
met every person in that photo
less than 24 hours before. We
were next to a Gator table,
and we traded good... [more]


This is from the Final 4 game.
Taken right before the
begining of the game during
the National Anthem. [more]

Green and Furry

Gunston dancing in Dayton, OH
for the first and second round
of the tourney [more]

Mason Pride

Jim Nantz came over to tell us
how much respect he now had
for our program and I was able
to get a picture with him. It
was nice to hear positives
coming from him after he
bashed the program just three
weeks earlier. [more]

Mason Pride

A group of students right
before our road trip to Indy [more]

Why They Play the Game

I had the good fortune to
attend the DC Regional
Championship game in person.
What a thrilling experience!
After the game, I took my
camera to the Patriot Center
to film some of the
festivities. The atmosphere
in Fairfax was unbelievable! [more]