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San Diego

A group of us all gathered at
our favorite local sports bar,
The Gaslamp Tavern in San
Diego to watch many March
Madness games. My roommate
played lacrosse at Mason and I
played soccer and ran track we were super fans.
When Mason kept... [more]

Mason Pride all the way from

Me and the girls in Piccadily
Circus(LONDON)just after the
Mason-UCONN game. We were
screaming in the streets of
London and people kept looking
at us like what the??? [more]

GMU Alum Watching the Final
Four Game in San Diego

I am a 2001 D/MIS GMU graduate
and a 2005 JD GMUSL graduate -
Mason all the way!!! I just
moved to San Diego before the
NCAA tournament began :( so I
went to the Final Four watch
party in downtown San Diego
and met all of these wonderful
GMU alum. ... [more]

The end of the Parade

But hopefully the beginning of
new things at George Mason
University... [more]

The Players' Truck

Thanks for a great season,
Patriots! [more]

The Players' Truck

Thanks for a great season,
Patriots! [more]

Coach Larranaga hears about
the Memory Bank

Kristen Lehner, from the
Center for History and New
Media, hands Coach Larranaga a
flyer for the Mason Basketball
Digital Memory Bank. CHNM
staff members were on-hand for
the parade and rally spreading
the word about the Memory
Bank. [more]

Coach Larranaga

The crowd cheered both the
Patriots' amazing season and
Coach Larranaga's winning of
the 2006 Clair Bee Award. [more]

Gunston in the Parade

During the parade, Gunston got
to take a load off his feet
after a long season of
cheering on the Patriots. [more]