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As a proud Mason alum, I
contacted everyone I knew with
ties to the NCAA - and I
landed great floor seats at
the Verizon Center for the
GMU/UCONN game. And what a
game to have floor seats at!!
Folks were calling me from
across the country... [more]

A Patriot in Tarheel Country.

Dave Coe class of 1987 in
Charlotte, NC. [more]

4 guys rca dome

best day of my life [more]

Team Arrival at Patriot Center
from Indianapolis, April 2,

Lamar Butler had pictures
taken with fans, while having
a cheerful attitude. That is
what makes the GMU basketball
team stand out above all the
rest - their optimism and
their ability to have fun.
They truly are champions and
do not need a win to... [more]

Pep Rally at JC

Photo taken on March 29, 2006,
before team send-off to Final
Four. [more]

Final Four hysteria!

This is myself Dean Mathios(89
alum) with one of my best
friends and former roommates
John Sabo(also 89 alum) at the
Florida/George Mason game in
Indianapolis. Our other fellow
alum at the game, Sean Kelley,
snapped this pic. This moment
was when... [more]

2006 NCAA Bracket

This banner hung in downtown
Indy for the Final Four. I
heard that of the millions of
people who participated in the
ESPN online brackets, only 10
people in the country had
Mason in the Final Four. We
shocked the nation by beating
the best and then... [more]

The Slipper Fits

In Indy they were selling T
shirts that said Cindarella
has arrived. We found this
glass slipper as well. [more]

Mason Alum in Indy

Some of us had not seen each
other in 12 years. That didn't
stop us from traveling from
each coast to Indy to cheer on
Mason during the Final
Four. Shannon Moffitt, Mary
Johnson Krattenmaker, Kate
McGrath, Dana Taylor, Julie
Padilla Martzke, Mary... [more]