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Tony Skinn cuts the net

GMU players get to cut down
the net after beating UConn to
win the regional final [more]


This was a picture taken in
Richmond at the CAA tournament
in 2004 where Jai Lewis, Lamar
Butler and Tony Skinn began
their journey to the final
four. In an effort to distract
the opposing teams shooters at
the free throw line, these
long time MASON... [more]


Me and Catherine Celebrating
after the Uconn win!!
We'll win next year! [more]

The Regional Trophe

Some of Coach L's family
Nephew Bill and his 2 kids
coach L's great nephews tommy
and john [more]

The Larranaga Clan

Picture taken of some of Coach
L's family at the Regional
Finals. Front to Back- Tom
Larranaga, Frank Thiel, Tommy
Larranaga, John Larranaga and
Bill Larranaga. [more]

Welcome Home

I took this picture of the
three amigos (Jai Lewis, Tony
Skinn, & Lamar Butler)of the
GMU basketball team when they
came home. I am proud of
Men's basketball team and what
they accomplished!! [more]

Going to the Final Four

This is a picture I took after
GMU won against UCONN at the
Verizon center that got us
into the Final Four! [more]

GMU fan in Ft. Wayne, Indiana

This is my two-year old
granddaughter Autumn Hope
Gregg who lives in Ft. Wayne,
Indiana. I work for Tom
O'Connor in the Athletic
Office at GMU. [more]

Pre-Game Madness

I met everybody in this
picture on Saturday before the
Florida game (I'm on the far
left). The atmosphere outside
of the RAM was CRAZY. The
ability to start a chant at
any moment was AMAZING!!!!!
The outcome of the game took
nothing away from how... [more]