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Captain Mason & Friends

This the pre-game before the
UConn game. We had about 7
UConn fans that kept telling
us to enjoy the game, they
thought we had no chance.
Feels good to be right! [more]

George Mason

Coach Laranaga starts a chant
with the crowd after beating
UConn. This side's George
and this side's Mason! [more]

Masonettes @ pep rally

This is the pep rally after we
beat UConn. [more]

Gooo Mason!

Marwah Khalid, Aisha Ashraf,
Hasan Kazmi & Sahar Ali --- at
the farewell ceremony! Gooo
Mason [more]

The Final Score

Did this really just happen?
#11 Seed George Mason takes
out #1 Seed UConn on 3/26/06 [more]

Final Four

me finally get my hands on
some mason gear. I couldn't
find any at the campus stores
or area sports shop with sizes
that would fit me. I went into
a Modell's store in the
evening just when these shirts
were getting delivered. The
manager said they... [more]

GMU Plays Tough Defense

I took this picture of the
Patriots playing tough D
against UCONN in the second
half of Sunday's incredible
regional final game. It would
show more detail, but my seats
weren't close enough to the
floor for that. [more]


What a mascot! [more]

Who is who? Do students know
who George Mason was?

George Mason students, several
years ago, answering who they
THOUGHT George Mason was. [more]