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Go MASON! Lamar is a class

It was exciting to attend the
pep rally as an employee of
Mason, and root for the team.
What a great accomplishment
for this team, and it makes
the entire university proud.
I will definitely keep my
signed Final Four t-shirt and
GO MASON sign by... [more]

Lynched Gator

A hung gator from the rally on
3/31. Personal photo. [more]


Good Morning America, 3/31.
Personal photo. [more]

Good Morning, America crowd

Personal picture of the crowd
for the taping of Good Morning
America on 3/31 [more]

Sibling Celebration

Erik '07 MS '08 and Suzanne
Price '09 cheer on the
Patriots with Good Morning
America! [more]

Peer Advising Mason Fans!

Lindsay Fields, Vee
Rungsithum, Erik Price,
Suzanne Price, Beau Cribbs
Celebrating with Good Morning
America! [more]

A Mason celebration

A picture taken from the
stands during the March 26th
pep rally. I've recently
moved from Bloomington,
Indiana, but I honestly can't
remember a time when I've been
more excited about college
basketball than I am now. [more]

One happy team

Picture taken from the stands
during the March 26th pep
rally welcoming the team back
after their victory against
Connecticut. [more]


'98 graduate here. We had a
'01 and also an '84 graduate
at the game! What an
incredible experience. This
was the Friday Wichita State
game. Sunday's game was an
experience I will never
forget. Patriot for life! Did
I mention these were
coworkers?... [more]